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Boost Your Dealership’s Profile With A Sponsorship

Posted by on August 15, 2013

 in Best Practices, Marketing, SEO

Sponsor a local event

Sponsorship may not come to mind when you’re thinking of ways to improve business, but it’s a great way to build your image.  You’re a car dealer, and the vast majority of your customers come from the surrounding community. What better way to build your brand image than by sponsoring a soap box race or high school sports team? Not only will your logo hang on a side line fence or be slapped on jerseys , the local community realizes you may not just be out to make a buck.

Build Brand Image

Used car dealerships generally aren’t thought of as the most trustworthy businesses. When you sponsor Little Johnny’s soccer team, the people in your area see you’re part of the community too. continue reading..

Ten Stats That Will Convince Anyone They Need SEO

Posted by on August 9, 2013

 in Best Practices, Marketing, SEO

10 SEO stats

Do you really know how important SEO is?  Seriously, do you really?

You can’t just have a website with cars on it any more. You’ve got to make sure people can see it, which means you’re responsible for link building, citation building, site optimizing, blog writing, and social media work.

That seems like too much work to most dealers, but numbers don’t lie – and these numbers show just how important SEO is for continued success.

The first stat I hit dealers with is that there are 100 billion searches per month on Google- that’s 3.3 billion a day. To put it in better perspective, if each person on the planet were able to, they’d have to search on Google 5 times a day, every day.  This at first seems astronomical, but even today I’ve probably used Google 10+ times for non-SEO related searches.  I usually use this stat to illustrate the importance of Google’s market share to dealers.  Frankly, Google rules, and it doesn’t really matter if your small business ranks high on AOL.

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Is Your Dealership Inside-out?

Posted by on June 19, 2013

 in Best Practices, Marketing

inside out advertising - think outside the box for success

Which do you think would be more interesting to your customers – that your dealership is #1 in sales or that your dealership has the largest inventory in the region?

Here’s a hint: One is about you, the other is about the customer.  One is inside-out thinking and the other is outside-in.

The differences between the two can be subtle, but simply put, inside-out thinking is when a company or brand talks about things the company cares about. Usually these are business-related topics like industry awards, marketshare growth, new logos, new hires, and so on – the kinds of things that make more sense in a press release than a newspaper circular.

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Use Google Analytics for Content Ideas

Posted by on April 19, 2013

 in Dealer Websites, Marketing, SEO

Google Analytics customer questions advanced segment

skip to Google Authorship setup stepsMost car dealers have a content problem on their websites – other than their vehicle details pages, their websites have very little unique content. Sure, most dealers an “About us” page and a “Financing” page, but  those pages are typically generic default content that’s inserted by the website provider. Dealers seldom know what to write on their pages to make their websites unique and useful.

Auto dealers (and most business owners, for that matter), often forget to take a step back and look at their website like a complete noob. You deal with your business day in and day out, and have an incredible depth of knowledge about your field – but your typical customer knows just about zip. What would that person with little or no industry knowledge think about your website? Does it answer all of their questions?

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Download Our Exclusive Coupons and Specials Guide

Posted by on April 26, 2012

 in Best Practices, Dealer Websites, Marketing

AutoRevo coupons and specials brief

Learn some tips and tricks for moving aged inventory and generating repeat business with our exclusive Coupons and Specials Brief. We wrote this brief to help dealers learn the best way to utilize coupons and specials on their website to help sell more cars, and to sell them faster. We also talk about how to capitalize on market trends (like the rising price of gasoline) to create a marketing opportunity for your dealership.

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Honda Revives Ferris Bueller To Huge Backlash

Posted by on February 2, 2012

 in Industry News, Marketing

Ferris Bueller is back … and a LOT of fans are upset about it.

Instead of returning in a sequel to the 1986 film Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Matthew Broderick is reviving his role in a Super Bowl commercial for Honda.

A teaser was posted on YouTube last week, sparking a huge wave of excitement. Fans across the country assumed it was a teaser for the sequel to one of the most iconic movies from the 80′s. Check out the teaser:

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Car Dealership Offers Free Cars If Green Bay Gets Shut Out On Christmas Day

Posted by on December 22, 2011

 in Industry News, Marketing

Yes, you read that right – there’s a car dealership in Chicago that’s offering FREE cars if the Packers get shut out by the Bears this Sunday. For any vehicle sold from December 16th through this Friday, Sawicki Motors will rebate 100% of the purchase price if the Chicago Bears shut out the Green Bay Packers on Christmas Day.

They’re limiting the payout to the first $1 million worth of vehicles sold during that period, but it’s still a potentially costly bet. continue reading..

288 Mind-blowing Internet Marketing Stats & the Marketing Plan You Can’t Afford NOT to Use

We presented an advanced track session last week at Digital Dealer 11 in Las Vegas. We chatted with several dealers after the presentation, and one dealer summed it up the best. He said that while many opinions were presented at Digital Dealer 11 about social media, SEO, and blogging, we were the only presentation that really backed up our thoughts with proven statistics and facts. Inbound marketing is essential to continued success, and these slides prove that you have to embrace inbound marketing or get left in the virtual dust.

You have to stop interrupting what people are interested in and BE what people are interested in…

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The 3 Dimensions of the Modern Mobile Marketer – in 3-D!

Posted by on October 11, 2011

 in Best Practices, Dealer Info, Marketing, Mobile Websites, SEO

These are the slides from our recent presentation at Digital Dealer 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The presentation covers the three dimensions of mobile marketing, so your dealership can compete in a world where the consumer holds the Internet in the palm of their hand.
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FREE Internet Marketing Checklist

AutoRevo's FREE Internet Marketing ChecklistOther vendors think we’re crazy for giving this info away for free… but we think it’s basic information that every dealer should know.

The US auto dealer market is fiercely competitive… so we’ve put this checklist together to help your dealership succeed! Our free Internet Marketing Checklist is full of tips and action items that you can use to help make yourself a better digital marketer. It’s clearly written and easy to follow, so you can implement the tips without having to spend a ton of time on them. It’s broken up into several sections, so you can implement the different sections as time allows.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your dealer website - We’ll walk you through several elements that you can update yourself (without relying on your provider to make the changes) that can have a positive effect on your rankings in the search engines.
  • Mobile Dealer Website – 88% of US mobile phone users are more likely to buy from a dealer who has a mobile website. We’ll walk you through the 7 important factors that your mobile website MUST have to be competitive in the mobile website arena.
  • Local Search – Local results are becoming increasingly important in the search engine results pages. We’ll show you how to claim your Google Places listing and then optimize it so your listing will perform better than your competitors down the street.
  • Website Video – Video has become vital for auto dealer websites. We’ll show you how to take advantage of video if you’re not using it, and how to get an extra boost from video if you’ve already got it on your site.
  • Social Media - We give you a checklist that shows how to use Facebook and Twitter correctly (most dealers are doing it wrong), and we’ll show you how to take advantage of the growing power of Foursquare. We also provide tips on how to track your various social media properties with one easy-to-use free application.
  • QR Codes - We’ll walk you through the steps for creating trackable QR codes that you can use to digitize all non-digital media. Now, you’ll be able to track actual conversions from newspaper ads and any other print media your dealership uses.
  • Reporting and Pricing - Amazingly enough, there are still a ton of dealers out there who are using “gut feelings” to price their vehicles or to figure out what to buy at auction. We show you how to use pricing tools to pick what really works for your dealership, and how to stay on top of your prices using reports and analytics so you’ll turn vehicles faster, for higher profits.

Even if you think you’re ahead of the game and your dealership’s Internet marketing efforts are blowing your competition away, you should download the checklist – you’ll be sure to find a few tips you didn’t know about.